tina (tomadoi) wrote in trishttrang,

august 5th....sort of.

"Trish" is premiering at Marion Days in Carthage, Missouri. It will be released to stores SOON AFTER.

:/ (not really happy about this.)

I'm a girl just so you know (I'm also random)
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I'm not surprised that she'll be there..

Chosen One (http://www.chosenthemcee.com/), my brother, is also at Missouri right now and I think Cardin will be there too.
I thought she'd be doing that sort of thing in California :/
Well, with the whole annual Dai Hoi Thanh Mau in Missouri..
ohhh. well wasn't she recently just doing the Dance with Trish workshop stuff in Cali? ehhh w/e. :p

get an autograph. and if you don't want it sell it.
I have no idea. To be honest, I'm not a big BIG fan of Trish (.. yet?). Hehe.

I was actually supposed to go with my brother and mom, but I decided to stay home.. so no autographs. Either way, I wouldn't sell it. I'd prefer one from Cardin though.. and I can get that anytime, since he's friends with my brother.
I'm not a SUPER BIG TRISH FAN either (sometimes I even bash her hahahah xD yes your mod's a bitch), but I have seen some crazy Trish fans who I know would pay up for an autograph.