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When is the next asia dvd supposed to come out? The songlist has been out awhile now, but no word on the release date. Sorry if it seems I'm too lazy to use google, but I tried and failed miserably. Trish is supposed to sing a french song. I don't remember what it's called, but I heard the original and it was nice.

btw I updated the profile sort of lolol

and somebody, PLEASE talk about her mood in the last asia war dvd? Seriously, someone (no shocker, from the Trish boards) just told me who cares and that it's okay because she shouldn't have to sing songs she doesn't like, in response to her not singing in the hop ca. what the hell? are you kidding me? If you're up there, you have to sing. No question. That's how business works. You get in big trouble for stuff like that. Look, I like Trish and all...but that was very disappointing. I set aside her moodiness in the modeling portion (moodiness, NOT emotionless as some say) because she had a great singing performance, and then I saw the hop ca. yeah. Sorry if I've offended anyone, but I thought I'd vent to you guys because we've had civil discussions in past criticisms concerning her. The Trish boards (lol how obvious is it I hate it there?) seem to make up every excuse for her to the moon and back.
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