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The Trish Thuy Trang LJ Community
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Welcome to the first Trish Thuy Trang LJ community!

This community is dedicated to bringing news, info, and other stuff that are related to Trish. Come and meet other Trish fans, and make some new friends. Debuting in 1997 with the song One and One, Trish Thuy Trang is the rising star of Asia Entertainment Inc. She has continued to attact many new fans. You are of course welcome to join, as long as you follow the following guidelines:

1. No flaming Trish ie "ew she sucks and can't sing." Please only use constructive criticism, like "This isn't her best song."

2. No spamming. No pointless posts, or linking to other communities that have nothing to do with Trish.

3. If you're going to post pictures, please use an LJ-cut, so the page will load faster. I'd also appreciate it if you do the same when posting lyrics. LJ-Cut tag is without the asterisks (*): <*lj-cut text="enter lj cut name here">Pictures/whatever<*/lj-cut>

4. Try not to fight. If it gets bratty and stupid then you'll get two warnings before a week ban.

5. Be nice. Little children (the majority of Trish's audience) are sensitive.

6. Don't plug your sites in a post. No one cares. If you're telling someone in a comment, that's fine, as long as IT'S NOT RANDOM. 7. I don't care if you get off topic in the comments, just not in the post itself, like you're talking to someone in the comments that was based on the post and then it led to something else. Trying to start another topic randomly, however...just shut up.

I got rid of the song claims. They're so old.

Trish Thuy Trang is love.

much love to akaich0u.

If you'd like, we'll post up your Trish icons up here for others to use. Credit will be given, of course. We'll also post any Trish fansites.

Official Trish Thuy Trang Website
Official Trish Forums**
Trish's email address (trishttrang@yahoo.com)

**Trish visits her message boards once in awhile. Be aware that the boards are strictly moderated and that even the tiniest mistake could get you in alot of trouble. Criticism there seems to be put down, constructive or not. Also, most of the users there seem to be in the elementary/middle school range. You've been warned.

Much much love,