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latest song -- Joe le Taxi

Appearing in Asia 49, Trish's latest song is Joe le Taxi, a cover of Vanessa Paradis (Johnny Depp's girlfriend/life partner) from the 80s'. You may have also heard Ngoc Lan sing this song from about 14 years ago.

Clip? Right here. Don't worry, it's in full length.

Now, before you say anything, I ask that you actually listen to the original, or Ngoc Lan's cover (it's identical/just as nice as the original). THEN tell us what you think.
[I suppose it's obvious I'm very disappointed with Trish on this one. :p]

I swear, we're probably gonna need another moderator who actually LOVES Trish like crazy instead of one who criticizes her. :x

Honestly? I don't like this remix. Her French isn't that great; it's so americanized. Plus, I feel like when she's singing she's trying way too hard. She should relax, because that's what the song should be like.

Now, the music...I dislike it so much. Joe le Taxi is one of those songs that simply CANNOT have a techno/trance remix. It took away the innocence the song had had before.

Good news, Trish looks a LOT better than she did in the In My Fantasy video. She looks more natural, like she did back in the old days. She looked so adorable and realistic back in videos such as "I'll Dream of You," and "Chi La Giac Mo Qua." (sp?)

By the way, has anyone seen those button earrings she has for sale on twinkleinthesky.com? I think they're absolutely HORRIBLE.

Trish, I miss the old you. I'm really sorry that this review was pretty harsh. But you think this is bad, don't get me started on her latest album.

/off topic: does anyone know what was ngoc lan's last performance? I've looked all over the place online. plztellkthx
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