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Trish mp3 Dump~

Just a bunch of Trish songs I had stored in my library.
Thought I'd share them with you guys, since the last post was weeks ago.
(Uploaded to Mediafire)

Total Songs: 50 wow. I spent so much time uploading them o_0

Shades of Blue

Ice Queen 4:12
Kimi Ga Suki 4:03
Shades of blue 5:15
Goodbye To Yesterday 5:17
Dieu Gi Do 4:36
More We Get Together 3:17
Lucky 4:00
Above And Beyond 4:35
You've Broken My Heart 4:44
Hollow 4:48
Co Be Doi Hon 3:59
Carousel 3:59

The Best of Trish #1 (Disc 1)

I'll Dream of You 4:17
I've Never Thought 4:18
One & One 4:18
Season In The Sun 5:12
All this Time 4:49
Don't Know Why 3:53
Toi Nho Ten Anh 3:46
Once Again 4:36
I Love You baby 3:45
Tinh Linh 2:51

The Best of Trish #1 (Disc 2)

Eternal Love 4:07
Big Big World 3:22
Autumn Leaves 4:14
Chi La Giac Mo Qua 4:52
Day Dream 3:52
My Destiny 4:31
Rhythm of the Rain 3:42
Together Again 3:16
A Secret Place 3:49
The Year of the Dragon 4:00

The Best of Trish #2 (Disc 1)

Sukiyaki 4:21
Somewhere In Time 3:44
The Chase 4:17
Sway 4:34
My Turn to Cry 5:02
Faith In Ecstasy 4:27
Does He Know 4:01
Lonely Night 3:46
The Day You Went Away 3:43

The Best of Trish #2 (Disc 2)
(Not yet uploaded, sorry for the inconvenience.)

Seal It Forever 4:17
Someway 4:21
Deep In My Heart 3:32
Crossing Over 3:40
If You Only Knew 3:59
Only Time Will Tell 4:02
Siren 4:55
Stay Awhile 3:43
Xuan Hop Mat 3:22
PS: Some songs may not work because I haven't uploaded them yet.

Please comment when taking & credit when sharing.
Enjoy ^_^
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